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Are you interested in scheduling a speaking engagement or a seminar for couples, preteens & their parents, or singles? You may request the Penners, Dr. Loewen, or the Symingtons.

Do you have issues that might be helped by counseling? Counseling appointments are available with Dr. Clifford or Joyce Penner, Dr. Irene Loewen, Drs. Scott or Melissa Symington, or Dr. Sibylle Georgianna.

If you are from the Southern California area, you may see us at our offices in Pasadena.

And, for your convenience, telephone sessions are available by appointment.

Address: 200 East Del Mar Blvd.
Suite 126
Pasadena, CA 91105

Phone: 626-449-2525

FAX: 626-564-1250


Office Location
Penners, Loewen & Symingtons

Penners, Loewen, Symingtons & Georgianna

Penners, Loewen & Symingtons
200 East Del Mar Blvd.
Suite 126
Pasadena, CA 91105

Phone: 626-449-2525

FAX: 626-564-1250


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